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5 Pornstar Snapchats To Follow Right Now

Despite Snapchat’s guidelines stating that the app is not intended for the sharing or exchanging of adult content, it seems that the admins who enforce these guidelines are pretty terrible in their jobs.

Spend any more than ten minutes on the app and you’ll see that the whole place is a hive of nudity, sexting and general adult behavior. Due to the temporary nature of Snapchat’s content, it helped bring sexting and risqué picture exchange into the mainstream. Given Snapchat’s incredible popularity, currently being home to all major modern celebrities, it’s no surprise that a large of majority of pornstars jumped onto the scene too.

For many pornstars, Snapchat is another avenue from which they can drum up business. However, a lot of stars also use the platform to show another side of their personalities; the side which doesn’t require bad acting and genitals being shoved into their faces. In fact, this is one of the app’s biggest attractions – the ability to see pornstars in situations you wouldn’t usually be able to.

With that in mind, let’s look at the top 5 pornstar snapchats you need to start following:

Brandi Love (realbrandilove)

If you thought Snapchat was just for the youngsters out there, the beautiful Brandi Love is here to prove you wrong. Widely regarded as one of the top mature ladies in the porn industry, Brandi Love uses Snapchat to share her porn updates as well as providing Snapchat-only galleries. If you’re a fan of MILFS, this is the only Snapchat account you need to follow.

Lexi Belle (schadenfreude87)

Lexi Belle is one of the most versatile porn actresses in the business. She can adapt to any kind of niche, and does so with the effortless sexuality she has become known for.

Lexi Belle certainly has a playful nature about her, given her petite frame and feisty-but-innocent natural good looks. Unfortunately, this playful nature rarely gets the chance to come out in her professional videos, which is where her Snapchat comes in.

In addition to documenting her everyday life, Lexi Belle also uploads Snapchat-only adult videos for her fans and followers.

Dani Daniels (suckingallthed)

As you can see from her username, the gorgeous Dani Daniels doesn’t pull any punches. Despite her being a professional porn star, Dani Daniels has a lot more skills in her repertoire. She’s an incredible artist, she’s an amateur aircraft pilot, and she lives a lavish lifestyle of fun and adventure.

Bonnie Rotten (bonnierottenx)

Bonnie Rotten is the ultimate party girl. She’s best known for her alternative, punky good looks, her insatiable figure and her enthusiasm for some seriously hardcore stuff. If you follow her Snapchat, you’ll get to experience her lavish, sexy lifestyle as it plays out. She’s a frequent updater, with rarely a day going by without Bonnie uploading some kind of candid video of herself engaging in risqué activity.

Alix Lynx (alixlynx)

Alix Lynx is one of the new girls on the block. She’s an early-twenties blonde stunner who’s already making a big name for herself in the professional porn scene. Her Snapchat is a great combination of candid real-life photos along with some saucier snaps reserved for her Fans Only page.

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