5 First Date Ideas For College Students

The first date is important in a relationship, obviously; you want to give the other person a good impression, you want to learn more about them, and once it’s done you decide whether or not a second date is needed. Needless to say, the first date can make or break a relationship, and it’s a date that you need to get right, and having some great first date ideas, is crucial

College students, needless to say, haven’t been on too many first dates, and not all of them were great or otherwise memorable. Besides being your awesome, totally hot self, you’ll need a great first date idea, and that’s where I come in.

Need some first date ideas? I’m your plug for that; I got you.

Give these five first date ideas a look-over and feel free to add your own spin on any of them; they’re not set in stone but should do you just fine.

1. One Part Short, One Part Sweet

2. Collaborate

3. Get In Harmony

4. Seventh Inning Stretch

5. Chef (Your Name) With The Pot

One Part Short, One Part Sweet: This date idea is designed to be fun, simple, and get’s the job done every time.

First dates can make both participants a little nervous, rightfully, and having a date that isn’t too formal or intimate can set a nice tone that will make everyone feel more comfortable and enable you to focus more on each other.

This date involves two parts: one thing that is short, like a walk in a nice park or playing mini golf together. The next part involves something sweet; an informal lunch at a local cafe, getting ice cream, or getting a drink at sunset would be solid choices.

This date lets the both of you to have time together, but with multiple locations in informal settings, you’ll feel more relaxed and can put all of your focus on each other.

Not to mention this date doesn’t take too long, so if it’s a nightmare, it’ll be over quickly. If it goes really well, she’ll be wondering what you have in store for date number 2 (feel free to use these ideas for date #1 or date #20).

Collaborate: If you’re out of ideas or want to try something new, you can collaborate with your date to create a date that’ll surely be memorable for the both of you.

What you need to do is meet up with your date and each of you needs to write down three date ideas on slips of paper. These can be a movie, concert, Netflix, skydiving, a hike, or whatever comes to mind.

Once you each have your ideas (don’t share them!) put them in a hat and toss them around. Then, grab three and those will constitute your date.

Oh yeah, you have to go through with the date, no matter how crazy it may seem. This will allow you to have a laugh and will show her that you can be fun, spontaneous, and creative, all great attributes.

Get In Harmony: When a couple finds that they have common interests, the relationship instantly gets better, and you feel more at ease with each other and have plenty to talk about, which always helps.

If you discover that you have the same taste in music, go to a concert together! It’s an informal, fun activity where you can both chill out and listen to the music together.

Maybe you’ll both be into the music and come a bit closer together because of it; vibing off of the music, vibing off of each other, building a stronger connection.

If there aren’t any concerts in your area, you can go for a drive or go to a nice spot to chill where the two of you can listen to the music together and have a good time. If you go for a drive, I recommend you end up somewhere that’s scenic or has a nice view of the area, which adds a romantic flavor.

One more thing: if you go to a concert together, pay for her ticket, and you’re buying her dinner or dessert afterwards, that is, if you want to have a second date.

Seventh Inning Stretch: Obviously, this date involves some kind of sporting event or activity. Take her to a baseball game (major leagues, minor leagues, doesn’t matter) and if she doesn’t know much about the game, you can teach her and she’ll love that.

Catch a foul ball for her, but don’t be like that one kid in Houston who let a ball hit his girlfriend in the face after he got scared. Don’t be that guy.

If you hate baseball, you can take your sorry a-… my bad. Take her to see a basketball game or see what teams for your college are playing that day; there’s gotta be something going on near you.

The game will provide you with plenty to talk about, there’s plenty to look at, and she’ll only like you more if you get her a souvenir. If there’s nothing going on in your region, take her to the batting cages and show her your best impression of Ken Griffey Jr., and hit some bombs.

Chef (Your Name) With The Pot: This date centers around you cooking a meal for this lucky lady. Now, if you think you can’t cook, you’re wrong; as long as you follow the recipe and pay attention, the meal should turn out fine (call mom if you need a little help and she can surely recommend something to make).

Get a bottle of wine in case either of you get a little thirsty and make sure you’re preparing the meal or finishing it by the time she gets to your place.

Have something planned for after dinner, like watching a movie (lean towards something she’d like than what you’d like) or going to the local farmer’s market. This date shows that you can stir the pot and be intimate at the same time, which are very necessary skills in her eyes.

Look, these date ideas will only work if you know how treat a woman and don’t say whatever pops into your head. You could take a girl to a taco truck but if you can converse with her in a stimulating way and make her smile, laugh, and feel comfortable with you, that’ll take you farther than some stupid pickup lines or extravagant date idea ever could.

Make her feel comfortable with you around and make her laugh, and she’s already interested in you. Whatever date idea you decide to do, focus less on trying to make the date fun for you and focus more on making it fun for her; if she’s having a good time, that should be all you need to have a good time too.

Give yourself a great chance at a second date and use one of these ideas to wow her; show her the best version of you and treat her right and you’ll definitely be going on more than a second date.

5 Things You Wouldn’t Expect About American Culture

5.) The “Seventh-Inning Stretch” might have accidentally been created by Howard Taft.

Even though this may just be a myth, the legend goes that President Taft was attending a baseball game and while the game went on, he became gradually more and more uncomfortable in his tiny wooden chair. Taft was a very big man and soon enough couldn’t stand being stuck on the small chair anymore, so during the seventh inning he stood right up to stretch his legs out. Under the assumption that the president was about to exit the building, the rest of the crowd also rose just to show respect. Taft eventually sat back down and the audience joined him as well, and that right there created the “Seventh Inning Stretch.” At least according to rumor. During that game, Taft also became the first President to throw the traditional “first pitch.” Last year, the Washington Nationals made a space for Taft in its roster of racing presidents.

4.) The first-borns of the Budweiser family were made to taste the beer before their mother’s milk.

The Anheuser-Busch company was passed down from father to son throughout five generations. It was so much of a family business that each first-born son was required by family law to taste Budweiser beer before anything else, which include the milk of their own mother. In more current times, Budweiser, or really the Anheuser-Busch Cos. Inc., was bought out by Belgium-based InBev. Nobody has called up to see if the InBev children will be expected to partake in this long-lived tradition.

3.) Uncle Sam was a real person named Samuel Wilson.

Samuel Wilson was a meatpacker in Troy, N.Y. and he fought in the American Revolution and would eventually become known as the official meat inspector for the northern army during the War of 1812. Wilson was very popular in Troy for his meat business and for his kind hospitality and over time was given the nickname, “Uncle Sam.” When Wilson began distributing and inspecting meat for all the troops in the War of 1812, all the troops from Troy would make up jokes that the “U.S.” label on the meat barrels actually meant to stand for Uncle Sam. That idea was eventually spread out to all United States military products with “U.S.” written on them and thus Uncle Sam became the figurehead of American glory.

2.) Abraham Lincoln is in the Wrestling Hall of Fame.

As a 22-year-old young man, Lincoln was always explained as be able to “outrun, out lift, outwrestle and throw down any man in Sangamon County,” Illinois. During one particular match, the man who would be the future president supposedly became quite frustrated by his opponent’s trying to cheat, so he used his extra-long arms to pick his opponent up by the throat and shook him around. The Wrestling Hall of Fame has only been able to find one noted wrestling defeat in Honest Abe’s 300 fights.

1.) The classic “Bald Eagle screech” is actually a red-tailed hawk. Bald eagle screeches are kind of weak.

Despite what “The Colbert Report” and countless other people want you to believe, the patriotic “bald eagle screech” is actually a false element in U.S. history. In real life bald eagles have a much less intense of a screech and that “piercing, loud cry” is as a matter of fact a completely different bird.

Below is a video that covers more characteristics of Americans and the American culture!