Most Iconic Americans of 2019

Even though we’re hardly three months into this year, 2019 has proven that it will be a year to remember. Already, so many historical things have happened this year. Scandals are already shaking the country. Unforgettable albums are hitting the charts hard, LGBTQ+ and people of color are taking over Congress, and – much to our entertainment – people are acting like absolute fools.

Here are a few people who are shaking it up in 2019:

Cardi B

You can’t go anywhere without hearing a Cardi B song. She’s risen to fame so quickly people aren’t even quite sure as to where she came from exactly!

Cardi B started out stripping. Her big personality and hilarious internet content landed her on Love and Hip-hop! There she gradually built up a social media following and teased that she was going to start putting out music.

I was following Cardi B for her comedy and her confidence, not because she was a rising hip-hop star. I was skeptical when she announced she was recording music and got even more concerned because I really wanted her to succeed… and much to everyone’s surprise she did.

And she kept succeeding. It was little over three years ago that Cardi B worked her last shift at her strip club… now she’s a Grammy-winning artist.

Cardi got where she is now by not giving a shit and fully embracing who she is. She’s an inspiration for Afro-latinas and sex-workers alike. And she’s a pretty damn good rapper.

Jordyn Woods

If you didn’t know who Jordyn Woods was, I could promise that you sure do now.

This friend of the Kardashians has landed herself in some serious hot water by allegedly cheating with Khloe Kardashian’s now ex-boyfriend Tristan Thomas.

Tristan has been caught cheating before when Khloe was pregnant with their child, so this isn’t out of character behavior for him… however, the world was shook when they found out that he potentially cheated with Jordyn, who is Kyle’s life-long best friend.

The drama is currently playing out on social media and on-air as Jordyn takes to Jada Pinkett-Smith’s show to tell her side of the story. You know that everyone is glued to their phones right now – even Khloe is who’s live-tweeting about the whole thing!

Jesse Smollett

Let’s talk about this mess of a situation surrounding actor Jesse Smollett. Smollett claimed he was attacked by two MAGA hat wearing white men outside of his apartment after being sent a threatening letter.

He claimed that these men shouted slurs at him as they beat him and put a noose around his neck. However, the men who were taken into custody for this were not only black but claimed that Smollett paid them to do this in order to bolster a pay raise.

He’s now in jail where, because of similar mug-shots, he’s suspected of being in the same facility as suspected child-rapist R. Kelly. Let the jokes about jailhouse harmonizing fly.

R. Kelly

Speaking of R. Kelly… following the airing of a Lifetime documentary where women he has abused over the years – including his ex-wife – he has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of sexual assault and imprisonment! Kelly told us not to bring her to the club, but we never knew it was this bad. It’s been alleged that Kelly was even a sex addict who was constantly using meet and fuck sites and dating apps to find new women.